What carnival goers have to say about our event!

Favorite carnival memories

"My favorite memory of the carnival was in 2002, when I had taken my 10-year old son, Richard, to the carnival. His parakeet had just died, and his Pa-Pa was dying. I played the throw-a-ball into the fish bowl to catch a fish game. It was extremely rare for me to ever win a fish; it only happened once. This time, when the ball landed directly into a fish bowl, I knew that was of God. God was giving Richard (a pet) to replace the one that had died. We named the fish Allen, and he lived for almost 3 years after that. He was a goid, feisty fish." - Sherry

"When I was about 6 years old, my nanny won a bicycle that they gave away at the Lions Carnival. Sure made me a very happy kid!" - Telisa

"I always thought, as a kid, that the Lions Club Charity Carnival was opened just for me! I ALWAYS got to go for my birthday! 9/26" - Phyllis

"Family time! Starting with my grandparents, to my parents, to my girls, to my grandkids! Memories too numerous to count! My grandma’s birthday was October 7 and my mom’s birthday was October 8. As little kids, my sister, brother and I would always tell them we were taking them to the carnival for their birthdays! They couldn’t say no to that, right?" - Alicia

"When I was 17, my husband, my brother, Wilson Leblanc, his wife and I walked there. We lived close to there. At that time, 1961, they stacked all the fish bowls on prizes. Wherever you threw the ball, you got what was underneath. I went home with so much stuff. Good memories. They all have passed (but) the memory is still alive." - Shirley

"My daddy started taking me to the carnival when I was a young girl. It was always so much and he let me do anything and everything I wanted to do. I got to eat all the junk food my mama would not have dared let me have. I hope to start making memories with my little toddler grandson this year." - Deborah

"Working the Comet with my dad and John Martin! Absolutely wonderful memories!" - Chris

"Taking my grandchildren for the first time to it. They were from out of town and never been to one. They had so much fun on all the rides and (with the) dime throw and all the good food." - Donna

What they said in 2018

Uncle Larry's hamburgers are a must-eat, according to carnival fans

"(I have) been going at least 40 years. It's not expensive and it's been the same. My favorite ride is the Ferris wheel because I always got to ride with my dad." - Tanya, whose favorite food at the carnival is the hamburgers

"Dime toss for cups has always been my favorite. (I) also (love) a good ol' hamburger." - Matt

"(I've) been going a long time. It is fun and does not cost much to go, and (those) Uncle Larry's hamburgers! ... And the pork kebabs!" - Louis

"(I've) been coming for about 21 years (for the) rides, food and bingo. Now that I have kids, I get to bring them. Bingo - me and my mom play every year." - Alma

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